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2023-Aug Oncosyne finishes a research and development project paving way for clinical validation. We are grateful for financial support from Regionale Forskningsfond Oslo and contributions from Akershus University Hospital and Institue for Molecular Medicine.
2023-Jun Recruitment for the Tailoring Treatment in Colorectal Cancer (TargetCRC) study is at 100% of the initial target of 40 patients. The first phase has been highly successful, and the target has been increased to a total of 80 patients.
2023-Apr Pharmaceutical company Isofol Medical announces a collaboration with Oncosyne pairing Isofol's expertise in drug development with Oncosyne's platform for drug sensitivity evaluation. Cells in colors of the Swedish flag
Culture drop 2023-Jan Preparing for upcoming verification and production phases, Oncosyne moves its pipeline into a dedicated laboratory space at Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator.
2022-Dec Oncosyne, Akershus University Hospital, and CTC receive funding through the Eurostars-3 joint programme. The grant supports technology development and a clinical peformance study. Minister visiting Oncosyne, Photo: Oslo Cancer Cluster
Culture drop 2022-Nov Recruitment for the Tailoring Treatment in Colorectal Cancer (TargetCRC) study is 50% completed and on schedule. An important study objective is to test Oncosyne's technology platform. The principal investigator is oncologist Dr. Sebastian Meltzer at Akershus University Hospital.
2022-Sep Oncosyne presented at the Rising Stars session at the Nordic Life Science (NLS) Days in Malmö 28-29th September. Minister visiting Oncosyne, Photo: Oslo Cancer Cluster
Minister visiting Oncosyne, Photo: Oslo Cancer Cluster 2022-Aug In connection with visiting the Oslo Cancer Cluster Innovation Park, the Minister of Trade and Industry received a brief presentation in Oncosyne's laboratories.
2022-May Patient-derived microtumors are growing in the lab. These are indipsensable for finalizing our diagnostic platform. We are grateful for the support from the participating patients and our clinical collaborators.
Barcode, Photo: Thomas Johannessen / 2022-Apr Oncosyne lands its first investment round financing development towards the registrational clinical trial. The investors significantly strengthen the Board's business experience.
2022-Mar Oncosyne's Jarle Bruun and Peter W. Eide guest the Radium podcast (episode 219, Norwegian only). RADFORSK podcast
Oslo City Hall, Photo: Thomas Johannessen / 2022-Feb Oncosyne recieves a generous grant from Regionale Forskningsfond Oslo for clinical research and development of our diagnostic test platform.
2022-Jan We welcome M.Sc. Christer Anker Andreassen who is joining the team as product developer! Mr. Andreassen will help finalizing our platform for clinical studies. andreassen
2021-Dec Oncosyne finishes a successful research collaboration with Dr. Teijo Pellinen at FIMM. The project was made possible through a generous grant from FORREGION-Oslo Aksershus/Norway Health Tech/The Research Council of Norway.
2021-Jun Oncosyne moves into OCCI’s shining laboratories. We are excited to become a part of this ambitious, dynamic growth environment. Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator, Photo: Jarle Bruun



Cancer is a major burden and associated costs are increasing rapidly. There is an urgent need for better treatments, and new therapies are approved at an encouraging rate. However, diagnostic tools for selecting which drugs are likely to be effective or not for individual patients are lacking. Hence, oncological therapy is characterized by ubiquitous under- and over-treatment. In fact, most patients who are treated with chemotherapy receive no clinical benefit, but still suffer from harmful side-effects. This is not only detrimental to patients, but also hugely wasteful to healthcare systems and society.


In vitro diagnostics based on clinical-grade drug screening has the potential to radically improve the therapeutic precision and efficacy in the treatment of most cancers. Crucially, it may pave the way for curative combination treatments in the future.


Oncosyne is a biotechnology start-up. Our clinical-stage technology platform will be evaluated in a performance study anticipated to start early 2024. In brief, we cultivate the patient’s own living cancer cells and test them against an array of clinically relevant drugs and drug combinations. The product is a diagnostic report that identifies both which cancer drugs are likely to be efficacious and which are not. The test will be marketed as a therapeutic decision tool towards pharmaceutical industry, medical laboratories, and public and private hospitals.


Our vision is to provide game-changing functional diagnostic tools that give cancer patients significantly better and longer lives.


Jarle Bruun

CEO & Co-founder

Peter W. Eide

CTO & Co-founder

Christer A. Andreassen

Product Developer


Janne Nestvold

Business advisor

COO, Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator

Thomas Andersson

Business advisor

Senior Business Advisor, Oslo Cancer Cluster Incubator

Øyvind S. Bruland

Clinical advisor

Professor of Clinical Oncology, University of Oslo


Job descriptions will be announced later. Please let us know if you're interested in joining an ambitious biotech start-up and bring game-changing cancer diagnostic to the clinic.



Feel free to leave us an email at , or call us at . We have offices and laboratories at Ullernchausséen 64, Oslo, Norway.